Fragrance Body Spray 100ml

$69(incl. GST)
Layered fragrance with a hint of scent. An adult body spray based on the idea to enjoy the scent to the fullest. Easy to use in any situation and leave a deeper impression by layering different scent.

Body spray that can be used as a perfume and cologne give good and natural impression to appearance in the business scene.

#Description of the scent can be viewed in the image.

About the difference in the color of fragrance
Some citrus scent liquid such as lemon peel are yellow, however it is not a defective product so please use it as it is. The reason of the liquid being yellow is because it includes natural essential oil, so the fragrance of citrus tends to turn yellow.
Every year, there are differences in the color of fruits harvested by the change of weather, however there are no problems with the quality so please use it at ease.

Contents: 100ml

Package size: W48×D48×155mm

Weight: 350g

Ingredients: Ethanol, Fragrance, Water, BG

Able to spray it on fabrics or room spaces.

Perfect for driving date. Good mood by the hint of scent throughout inside the car.

Also, make once in a lifetime meeting during a trip special! An all-round body spray which can be used as a room spray (Fragrance/Perfume) in the hotel during the travel or provide relaxation effect.

What is the rare fragrance exactly?
We carefully select rare and valuable essential oil like Bergamot and Grapefruit.

Is the ethanol naturally derived or artificially?
We use natural ethanol made from corn.

What kind of water do you use?
We use purified water.

What is "BG" in the composition table?
It's a stabilizer for ingredients. It also has antibacterial and sterilization effect.

What percent of ethanol does it contain?It is depending on which product, however typically it is about 80%.

NO.1 Fresh Pear

NO.2 Lemon Peel