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The Best Products and Fragrances for Singapore's Hot and Humid Weather


Stepping out into Singapore's sweltering heat can feel like a challenge. But what if you could navigate the city's tropical climate feeling cool, refreshed, and invigorated? 

With Sholayered, a premium Japanese fragrance brand, this dream becomes a delightful reality. From revitalizing body sprays to calming diffusers, Sholayered offers a range of products uniquely suited to uplift your senses, even in the hottest weather. 


Before You Step Out

With Sholayered “BODY SPRAY” and “CRÈME DE PARFUM”, prepare yourself for the day ahead. The fragrances of Fresh Pear and Lemon Peel invigorate not only your skin but your clothing as well. These fresh scents have an uncanny ability to stimulate a sense of coolness, providing the perfect antidote to the early morning heat. Planning a drive? Enhance the mood inside your vehicle with a spritz of our Body Spray for a refreshingly crisp ambiance.

While You're Out

Our “HAIR PERFUME” fragrances, such as Fresh Pear and Sugar Lychee, not only help style your hair but also serve as a great post-meal scent refresher. Imagine leaving a trail of invigorating aroma as you walk by - a guaranteed head-turner. For a quick midday pick-me-up, reach for our “FABRIC AND MASK SPRAY”. Infused with Clear Mint, it reduces stress and bestows a calming effect that keeps you cool and collected.

When You Return Home


Once home, it's time to unwind. Our “DIFFUSER” filled with your favourite Sholayered scent greets you, washing away the fatigue from the day's heat. For a deeper level of relaxation, try our “MEDITATION AND SLEEP AROMA SPRAY”. The soothing scent of tea tree oil cleanses your mind, heart, and body, promoting a higher quality of sleep and rejuvenating you for the next day. 

With Sholayered, the relentless Singapore heat becomes a mere backdrop to your day. From the moment you step outside to the comforting return home, our products ensure you carry a cool, refreshing aura around you. Indulge in the Sholayered experience - your perfect companion for Singapore's tropical climate.

At SHOLAYERED, we offer a variety of single-note scents that could be layered together to create your own unique scent.

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