Celebrate Your Uniqueness with SHOLAYERED Fragrances this National Day
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Celebrate Your Uniqueness with SHOLAYERED Fragrances this National Day

Singapore is gearing up for National Day on August 9th. Rehearsals are happening all around the city, making everyone excited. Just like National Day helps us remember who we are as Singaporeans, at SHOLAYERED, we want to help you express who you are with our special fragrance combinations.

In this article, we'll share two more combinations just before National Day. Even though you can mix and match our scents in countless ways, these pairs are sure to be loved by many. Don't forget to check out our previous article for more great combinations.

For Women: Bergamot Jasmine & Mysterious Mix

Bergamot Jasmine smells fresh with a tinge of bitterness, giving a feeling of grace and charm. Mysterious Mix has a spicy and wooden smell, which feels a bit secretive and attractive. When you combine these two, you get a sensual and mysterious scent. This is perfect for women who prefer scents that aren't too sweet.

For Men: Olive Vodka & Lemon Peel

Olive Vodka reminds us of the night. It's a scent that feels more mysterious than fresh, and makes people want to learn more about you. Lemon Peel smells like fresh lemons, giving a strong and clean feeling. By using these two together, you get a classic SHOLAYERED scent that feels masculine, sexy, and different from others.

We at SHOLAYERED hope our scent combinations help you find your unique fragrance. Visit us at Raffles Place MRT #B1-PC07, or check out our wide range of products at SHOLAYERED.sg. This National Day, discover a scent combination that shows who you are to the world.