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Discover the scents of Singapore during this National Day

In anticipation of Singapore's National Day on the 9th of August, a jubilant celebration of the country's independence, the entire city-state is buzzing with rehearsals of the National Day events. This energy permeates every corner of the island, fueling the joyous spirit of the nation. Just as the National Day stirs a collective reconfirmation of Singaporean identity, SHOLAYERED aspires to become part of your personal identity through the power of scent.

We are introducing two unique fragrance layering recommendations that can form an integral part of your identity. While the possibilities in scent layering are infinite, these pairings are chosen with a broad appeal in mind.

For Women: Sugar Lychee & Rose & Muget

A scent combination that plays with the fruitiness of Singapore's beloved lychee and the sophistication of floral notes. Sugar Lychee brings the sensation of biting into a fresh lychee, embracing its addictively sweet and invigorating aroma. Rose & Muget, on the other hand, embodies the allure of a mature woman through its bold yet graceful scent of roses. Layering these two results in an intriguing blend that speaks of charm and beauty, painting an image of a captivating and whimsical woman.

For Men: Fresh Pear & Orange Blossom

Our Fresh Pear fragrance is a crowd-pleaser, popular for its sweet and fruity scent that gives off a youthful and refreshing impression. Orange Blossom introduces a hint of citrus while subtly imparting a woody, dandy appeal. The layering of these two fragrances conjures up an image of a man who is both sophisticated yet maintains a boyish zest, an irresistible combination for many ladies.

At SHOLAYERED, we hope our fragrance layering expands your personal identity and adds a unique scent dimension to it.

Visit us at RAFFLES PLACE MRT STATION #B1-PC07, or explore our diverse range of products at, and begin your fragrance journey this National Day. Your unique scent combination awaits, ready to become an integral part of your personal and national identity.