L'Officiel's Beauty Awards 2021: Best Diffuser – SHOLAYERED
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L'Officiel's Beauty Awards 2021: Best Diffuser

We are so thrilled to be featured on L'Officiel Singapore November's Print! L'Officiel Singapore 

In addition, 2 of our products has won the following awards for the L'Officiel Beauty Awards 2021

- Best Body Wash : SHOLAYERED Hand & Body Wash Olive Vodka

SHOLAYERED Hand & Body Wash lets you bask in a world of wonderful scents while you are showering or even just washing your hands. Leave your shower or washroom with your skin feeling moisturized and more importantly, leave feeling refreshed and relaxed! 

- Best Diffuser : SHOLAYERED Fragrance Diffuser (100ml) Orange Blossom

SHOLAYERED Fragrance Diffuser fills your room with a pleasant, gentle scent to make you feel like you are in a zen garden. A perfect way to set the mood in any living, working, or resting space, our Fragrance Diffuser will leave you feeling energized to go about your day!


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