Fragrance Diffuser 100ml

$64(incl. GST)
Layered Fragrance Diffuser
Diffuser that can enjoy the scentl to the fullest.
Fulfill an unmistakable feeling of luxury by selecting a different fragrance for each room (entrance, living room, and dining room), you can enjoy the effect of layering scents.
Simple and stylish design blends well with any space.
Fragrance can be used both men and women.

#Description of the scent can be viewed in the image

About the difference in the color of fragrance
Some citrus scent liquid such as lemon peel are yellow, however it is not a defective product so please use it as it is. The reason of the liquid being yellow is because it includes natural essential oil, so the fragrance of citrus tends to turn yellow.
Every year, there are differences in the color of fruits harvested by the change of weather, however there are no problems with the quality so please use it at ease.

Contents: 100ml

Package size: W55×D55×H270mm

Weight: 310g

Ingredients: Ethanol, Fragrance, Water, Solvent

Includes diffuser itself and four reed sticks.

Each diffuser (100ml) can be enjoyed for about one to two months. (Approximate 100 - 150 sqf)

You can enjoy the diffuser longer by flipping the stick once every week.

#We don’t sell refills so please buy another diffuser when it runs out.

What is the meaning of the number of sticks?
How do you adjust the intensity of a scent?
We decide the number of sticks considering the appearance. You can weaken the scent by reducing the number of sticks in the diffuser. 
 By turning the sticks upside down when the remaining amount of the liquid becomes low, you will be able to enjoy the scent longer.
 It is recommended to replace a new bottle when there’s only 1-2cm of liquid left.

Do you use it all day or put a cap?
When you put a cap, how do you keep sticks?
It is best to use the diffuser all day and we recommend that you use different scents for different places like the front door, the toilet and the living room.

What is the stick made of?
The stick is made of rattan.

Does the room mean the living room?
How big is the room that suits one diffuser?
One diffuser suits about 100 - 150 sqf

NO.1 Fresh Pear

NO.2 Champagne

NO.3 Hibiscus

NO.4 Olive Vodka

NO.5 Lemon Peel