Premium Detergent 900ml

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Layered Fragrance Premium Detergent
Take your daily laundry to new heights.
Special ingredients to give you a satisfying washing sensation.
Enjoy elegant laundry time with a pleasant scent.

【Take your daily laundry to new heights. Special ingredients give you a satisfying washing sensation.】

Premium detergent was released as a masterpiece to care fabrics followed by Fabric softener that was released in 2016 and recorded a massive hit.

The ingredients are specially used to make comfortable laundry. Braben, bleach, colorant, fluorescent agent, and preservative are not used so that anyone from children to adults can use them safely. Just a skin-friendly detergent.

Of course, you can enjoy the pleasant scent that a perfume manufacturer makes.

There are 3 kinds of scents : White Musk, Rose & Muguet and Fresh Pear

Contents: 900ml

Package size: W115×D83×H255mm


Ingredients: Surfactant(30% pure soap (fatty acid potassium of palm oil), alkyl glucoside), finishing agent

The volume of fabric softener is 900ml.

If you use a 3kg of drum-type washing machine or 45 litter for water washing type the rough estimate of usage is 20ml per laundry. You can do the washing 45 times.

Using detergent and fabric softener is recommended!

By using it with fabric softener, you can feel the synergy of washing sensation.

You are sure to feel a satisfying washing sensation, the resurrections of fabric and elegant scent.

Let's make your daily laundry into elegant laundry time with the pleasant scent.

This is the detergent that takes everyday life to new heights.

*Description of the scent can be viewed in the image.

NO.1 White Musk

NO.2 Rose & Muguet

NO.3 Fresh Pear