Fabric Softener 1000ml

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"Make one's favorite love last forever"
Make important clothes last longer and gives comfortable softness.
Fabric softener with carefully selected scent and quality was finally released by LAYERED FRAGRANCE that has launched various products with scents like perfume and diffuser.
Elegant fabric softener of silk for perfume lovers.
It's LAYERED FRAGRANCE's fabric softener.

Recently many fabric softeners that have good and strong scents are on sale.
For example, Doeney, Fafa, Laundress, Laundrin, Soflan, Aromarich... They have Various scents.

Meanwhile, LAYERED FRAGRANCE most concerned with "softness" which is the original purpose of fabric softener. Fabric softener made from a lot of high-quality silks and natural materials produces natural softness and an elegant scent.

The main ingredient is silk that is considered as one of the safest materials of cosmetic materials. The seed extract of Moringa, yogurt extract, sodium hyaluronan, and seed extract of sword been are also compounded.

Give natural softness and water-absorbing by not conventional softening effects of silicon, but softening, moisturizing and antioxidative effects of natural materials.

There are three kinds of scents: White Musk, Rose & Muguet, Fresh Pear. 

Contents: 1000ml

Package size: Φ95×H245mm

Weight: 1125g

Ingredients: Surfactant(diallyl dimethyl ammonium salt, Dialkyl imidazolium salt), dispersant, stabilizer, fragrance, defoamer, preservative, silk extract, seed extract of Moringa, yogurt extract, sodium hyaluronan and seed extract of sword.

The volume of fabric softener is 1000ml.

If you use a 3kg of drum-type washing machine or 45 litter for water washing type the rough estimate of usage is 20ml per laundry. You can do the washing 50 times.

*Description of the scent can be viewed in the image.

NO.1 Rose & Muguet

NO.2 White Musk

NO.3 Fresh Pear