Fabric Refresher 200ml

$29(incl. GST)

Sholayered Fabric Refresher is a deodorant and anti-bacterial spray that disinfects clothes and gives a subtle scent.

The Fabric Refresher not only gives the smell of cloth products like sofa, carpet, and curtains but also disinfects those cloth products.

You can remove the foul odor of mildew just by spraying.

Use it every day to give your clothes an elegant scent that will take you to new heights.

Why don't you carry it and disinfect clothes on a trip as well as in daily life?

A subtle scent that spreads!

Contents: 200ml

Package size: W55×D55×H165mm

Weight: 261g

Ingredients: Purified water, surfactant, fragrance, deodorant, stabilizer, disinfectant

※Antibacterial tasted 

①Spray for masks

Spray (2-3 pumps) the exterior of a mask and dry it.

That has sterilization, deodorant and antibacterial effects to increase the protection level that the mask provides.

A subtle pleasant scent also eases the discomfort when wearing a mask.

②Placing it near your door entrance

Please use it before going out as well as returning home.

Spray on clothes, shoes (made of fabric like canvas) and a doormat, You can disinfect them and enter the room safely.

*Description of the scent can be viewed in the image.

NO.1 Sugar Lychee

NO.2 Fresh Pear

NO.3 Lemon Peel