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Elevate Your Yoga session with Sholayered Fragrances

On June 21st, as we celebrate International Yoga Day, elevate your session with the elegant offerings from Sholayered, a prestigious Japanese fragrance brand. With yoga events abounding in Singapore, all tailored for different age groups and skill levels, there's no better time to integrate the enriching experience of Sholayered's "Simple = Luxury" philosophy.

Proudly "Made in Japan", Sholayered combines meticulous craftsmanship with an approachable price point. Its unique feature of layering different fragrances allows you to create a scent distinctly yours, enhancing your yoga experience.

Sholayered Diffuser

Aroma Yoga, the practice of integrating aromas into your yoga sessions, can drastically improve your relaxation, skin health, and even your weight loss journey. For a broader scent profile in larger rooms, place two diffusers and indulge in a luxuriously layered fragrance experience.

Sholayered Fragrance Soy-Wax Candle

Our eco-friendly, soy wax candles create a soothing atmosphere, allowing you to deepen the tranquility of your practice. The gentle scent of soy blends seamlessly with your chosen Sholayered fragrance, encapsulating your room in a cocoon of peace and serenity.

For International Yoga Day, why not pair your physical practice with the sensory delight of Sholayered products? Craft a unique journey of self-discovery and relaxation, made even more special with our unique, layered fragrances.


In celebration of the Great Singapore Sale, we're offering a fantastic deal. Enter the code "GSS50" on our online store, or mention the promotion in our physical store to receive a 50% discount off your next item of lower or similar price when you spend above $100. This offer is the perfect opportunity to experiment with layering fragrances and create a unique scent combination for your Yoga Day.

At SHOLAYERED, we offer a variety of single-note scents that can be layered to create your unique scent. With Sholayered, the potential to create your unique scent is infinite. Let's express your individuality with Sholayered this International Yoga Day.

Visit our store at Raffles City Shopping Center #B1-K14A or explore SHOLAYERED.sg.