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Discover your unique fragrance by layering scents with Sholayered

Sholayered, a unique Japanese perfume brand, encourages you to embark on an artistic journey of discovering your personal scent. With Sholayered, you're empowered to layer fragrances to suit your taste, creating a unique mix that reflects your individuality.

Understanding your scent preference might be a struggle, but it's an enlightening experience that can unearth subconscious tastes and widen your life's possibilities. Sholayered assists in uncovering that perfect scent that aligns with your unique sense, providing you with the freedom to enjoy any combination of fragrances.

The ability to layer scents leads to endless possibilities, like the stunning gradation created by the mix of the sea's blue and the sunset's orange. While these possibilities are limitless, let's explore two of Sholayered's recommended combinations.

Lemon Peel and Mysterious Mix

Our recommend fragrance combination for Men is the Lemon Peel and Mysterious Mix pairing bring a refreshing and masculine aura. Lemon Peel imparts a refreshing sensation that bridges the distance between people, while Mysterious Mix effuses warm, woody notes from within. Balancing the warmth of woody notes with a user-friendly overall fragrance, this combination is an excellent match for suit or jacket styles.

Lemon Peel and Rose & Muguet

Our recommend fragrance combination for women is Lemon Peel and Rose&Muguet as it creates an enchanting harmony. The fresh, clean first impression of Lemon Peel transitions smoothly to the glossy, elegant aura of Rose&Muguet, enhancing a woman's charm.

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At SHOLAYERED, we offer various single-note scents to layer and create your unique scent. Visit us at Raffles City Shopping Center #B1-K14A or explore our products on

Discover the infinite possibilities of scent layering with Sholayered, and let's create a world of unique fragrances together.