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Celebrate Father's Day with Sholayered: Hand-picked Scents for the Mature Man

This Father's Day, on the 18th of June, let's show our gratitude to the devoted man in our lives with a special gift from Sholayered. Our brand, Sholayered, stands out for its unique concept of 'layered scents'. Born and made in Japan, we blend simplicity with luxury in our offerings.

Today, we're highlighting two Sholayered fragrances ideally suited for the mature man.


This scent offers a clean, luxurious vibe. The distinct interplay of sourness and sweetness from the lemon peel forms a tantalizing scent that is perfect for any occasion, particularly favored by those who prefer a fresh, invigorating scent.


Crafted with the allure of the night in mind, OLIVE VODKA hints at a sensual aroma amidst a clear scent, enhancing the allure of mature men. This fragrance is a top pick for those looking to boost their appeal.

Layering of Fragrance to create his unique scent

The magic unfolds when you layer LEMON PEEL and OLIVE VODKA, creating a unique blend. The fresh lemon scent imparts a high-quality impression, which, when coupled with the sexy, spicy fragrance of OLIVE VODKA, manifests a mature, bittersweet persona.


In celebration of the Great Singapore Sale, we're offering a fantastic deal. Enter the code "GSS50" on our online store, or mention the promotion in our physical store to receive a 50% discount off your next item of lower or similar price when you spend above $100. This offer is the perfect opportunity to experiment with layering fragrances and create a unique scent combination for your father on his special day.

This Father's Day, express your appreciation with a Sholayered scent. It's more than just a fragrance, it's a token of appreciation for the man who is always there for his family. Show your love with a gift that carries layers of memories and affection.

At SHOLAYERED, we offer a variety of single-note scents that could be layered together to create your own unique scent. Visit our store at Raffles City Shopping Center #B1-K14A or explore our products on SHOLAYERED.sg. 

With Sholayered, the possibility of creating your own unique scent is endless. Let's create infinite possibilities together through the art of layering fragrances.